Spend enough time with anyone, and you will see: beauty, ugliness, love, fear, hope, heartbreak, tenderness, anger, intelligence, ignorance…a character and a story that will never be repeated in quite the same way.

We are mesmerized by the abundance of story and character that surrounds us in our little piece of the world, and we want to share it with any who care to look.

Corridor Characters, a division of Flow Media, highlights just a few of the extraordinary, original, inspired, and curiously beautiful people we’ve met in Eastern Iowa. The more we get to know, the more we understand that no one is normal. And that’s a wonderful thing.

Our Team

Corridor Characters is the “public good” channel of Flow Media, Inc. Click here for more information about Flow Media. 

Courtney T Ball
Site Creator and Content Editor
Courtney T Ball is a writer and Chief Story Officer for Flow Media. Previously, Courtney has worked as a nonprofit executive, United Methodist pastor, and post-disaster community organizer. To learn more about Courtney, visit his website, CourtneyTBall.com.

Gabe Erickson
CEO and President, Flow Media
Gabe Erickson is the CEO & President of Flow Media. He moved to Iowa in 2011 and is experienced in journalism, communications, and business. When he’s not telling stories, Gabe loves spending time with his son Carter, making music, and investing in his church, as well as dabbling in other creative hobbies. 

Josh Booth
Chief Visual Officer, Flow Media

Josh is married with three children. In his spare time he likes to play the piano and spend time with his family. Josh also shoots portraits and wedding videos through Josh Booth Studios. We met Josh when he was referred to us as a Corridor Character. You can read more of his story here: https://corridorcharacters.com//2015/06/josh-booth. 

Faraz Shah
Chief Design Officer, Flow Media

Faraz is an all-around creative nerd and designer that works his magic at Flow Media through film, animation, and design.  He’s also joined forces with a local fashion label, Written Apparel, and the Iowa Fashion Project.  Outside of work, Faraz likes to stay up late, eat (and cook) delicious food, and hang out with his wife and two children.

Heather Gierut
Chief Communications Officer, Flow Media
A Cedar Rapids native, Heather has deep roots in the community through her volunteerism and involvement with groups like ImpactCR and Next Gen Summit.  She has experience in sales, marketing and event planning.  When Heather is not working, she loves checking out new eateries or the latest show at TCR, networking and drinking coffee. 


Hannah White
Design Editor and Photographer, Corridor Characters
Hannah White is a photographer in Cedar Rapids, IA. During the day, she serves as the Site Manager at Roosevelt Middle School for the nonprofit Kids on Course. Hannah likes to eat burritos and wear big earrings. To see more of Hannah’s work, visit hannahwhite.biz.

Ben Kaplan
Filmmaker and Photographer, Corridor Characters
Ben Kaplan is an Iowa transplant who has worked for OneIowa, KCRG, and now spends most of his time working at We Create Here, thinking about how cities work. You can find more of his work at We Create Here

Braden Kopf
Filmmaker and Photographer, Corridor Characters
Braden Kopf is a Cedar Rapids native with a passion for visual storytelling. He is both a filmmaker and photographer and can usually be found in a local coffee shop, camera in hand.