Budo Heder Downtown Tailoring

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Budo Heder was born in Bosnia to a family of tailors. “My family was a typical hard-working family. They taught me these skills so I could always make a living, but they wanted me to go to school. So, I want to school for mechanical engineering.

“When I got done, I spent six months working in a factory. Then a buddy and I decided to open up a discotheque, a coffee shop, and a restaurant.” Budo and his friend ran these businesses for a few years until 1993, when war broke out.

He had family living in Iowa, so his parents came here to start a new life. Shortly after they arrived, he and his father started Downtown Tailoring to support themselves. It’s been right here in Cedar Rapids ever since.

Ten years ago, Budo’s father passed away, but, he says, “Mom still helps me sometimes.” She is 77 years old. Budo has now spent roughly half his life here in Cedar Rapids as a tailor.


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