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E is for Ellary The Klein Adoption Story

“Most children are born into a family, and then some are born for a family.” Nate & Jenny Klein have faced unbearable hardship and incredible joy on their journey to build a family. Watch their story of perseverance as they complete their second adoption — 3 years in the making.

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Saddah Hadish Pop-up Performance

Every day we go to work at Vault Co-working Space, we are greeted by the friendly smile of Saddah Hadish. Only recently did we learn she had a lovely singing voice, so we convinced her to sing for us and share it with you. Enjoy, and happy holidays from all of us at Flow Media! Click “Read More” to watch the video.


A new video from Corridor Characters, produced by Flow Media. Take a walk with us through Cedar Rapids’ “ghetto” and see what life is really…