So Long, Sultana! College begins, and our reporting ends.

cropped-so-long-sultanaIowa friends say goodbye and best wishes to Sultana before she heads to Arizona for college. Sultana gives the peace sign from behind the table.

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Last Friday, we said goodbye to Sultana at a small party in her friend Emily’s house. We drank chai made by Sultana and celebrated by eating cake and singing her a belated happy birthday song. (It was, quite possibly, the worst rendition of “Happy Birthday” I’ve ever heard.) Sultana is now off to Arizona to begin her college career, something she scarcely believed possible a year ago.

This is the end of our published reports about Sultana’s story–for now.

Sultana’s family has asked that she stay out of media for now in order to protect her safety and other family members who still live in Afghanistan. Rest assured that we are in regular contact with her and are still collecting story pieces in case Sultana would like our help sharing her journey in the U.S. more fully in the future when doing so would not put her family in danger.

What we can tell you is that Sultana is extremely excited to begin her formal studies. And while her friends are encouraging her to focus on success in school, she has also begun conversations with various people in Afghanistan to determine how her presence and connections in the U.S. can be used to help other girls and scholars back home. While we are saying goodbye publicly, this won’t be the last you hear of Sultana.

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